3G Mobile Broadband

3G refers to the third generation of accessibility and speeds made available through mobile devices. The standards for 3G are set up by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Through the 3G services mobile phones and devices can enjoy wireless telephone services, broadband services and video calls.

With increasing dependence on mobile phones and broadband services to stay in touch, people do wish to avail better services through them especially when they are on the move which makes availability of 3 mobile broadband extremely essential.

Why opt for 3G Mobile broadband

While accessing broadband through their mobiles, most people prefer a fast and reliable speed and data transfer especially when they are on the move. Hence 3G mobile is one step up above 2G broadband and delivers truly better services irrespective of location implying people need not specially visit wireless hotspots or network areas in order to access from almost anywhere and everywhere.

Also with the availability of broadband enabled devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, tablets, PDAs or even a mobile broadband dongle, accessing the broadband is even more convenient and easy.

Features of 3G Mobile Broadband in UK

  1. Extensive coverage in UK – covers almost 99% of area in UK
  2. Enjoy consistent broadband speed even when on the move
  3. Easy to install and convenient to use
  4. Can be used on single as well multiple computers
  5. 3G Mobile Broadband can accessed on laptops as well as Mac machines
  6. 3G Mobile Broadband does not require a phone line.

In UK, 3G Broadband UK is offered by various mobile service operators as Orange, Vodafone, Three and Virgin.  The popular plans being –

Racoon Pay as you go1 GB Virgin 2 month tariffs – 1GB
Dolphin Occasional user5 GBVirgin 2 month tariffs – 3 GB
30-day plan15 GBVirgin 18month tariffs
18 & 24-monthly plansVirgin 18month tariffs – 3 GB

3G Mobile Broadband removes the requirement of modems, routers and long wires which could be occupying much space while using the USB dongle or a data card for accessing the broadband could make your work area look neater and tidier apart from giving you the mobility to move around.

When availing a 3G Mobile broadband service, you should check out the coverage area of each mobile broadband service operator. Over and above this, weather conditions, number of blockages such as existence of buildings and towers do affect the internet connectivity.

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