AOL Broadband

AOL is one of the more well known names in the broadband market, with many customers across the UK. The company has been prominent in the broadband sector for years, with various packages and bundles available to customers. With AOL broadband, you can also bundle your landline telephone services so that you can have one simple monthly bill. If you are looking for broadband package, or a broadband and telephone bundle, the provider is a good place to begin your search.

AOL Broadband Deals

Broadband Only – If you wish, you can only take broadband from AOL rather than a landline and broadband bundle. With AOL Broadband, you can expect speedy downloads, thanks to their 8Meg download speed. AOL Broadband Only is one of the fastest in this area, allowing customers to download information in seconds. AOL Broadband can be used to download movies, music and open email attachments quickly and easily, so suits those with a busy lifestyle who do not want to have to wait around for slow broadband internet. Not only this, the provider also offers a 10GB download allowance, so that customers can download at their leisure with this large quota every month. 10GB is equivalent to over 200 music albums, going to show just how much leg room AOL gives you to download every month. AOL Broadband deals also comes with a guarantee of round the clock support from its online customer services. Their Talk Line can help you with any problems you may be having, thanks to a panel of broadband experts.

Broadband + Calls – AOL Broadband can also be taken as part of a bundle. Bundles are a convenient way of supplying your home with broadband and telephone services. Using the same company for these means you can often avail of discounts, as well as only have to deal with one bill each month. AOL Broadband + Calls comes with free calls on the evening and weekends. This is perfect for those who are not usually home during the day and only tend to use their home phone at off peak hours. Free evening and weekend calls can be made to other landlines and operate between 7pm to 7am on weekdays, and the whole weekend. The AOL Broadband + Calls package offers the same broadband advantages as the broadband only package. This allows for 8Meg download speeds, 10GB download allowance, customer support, as well as wireless security. With wireless security you can password your wireless internet so only certain people can use the internet connection.

Why choose AOL Broadband?

AOL is a well known and well regarded name among the UK’s broadband providers. The company offers simple and affordable deals for people who need broadband, or broadband services alongside a landline telephone service. The packages come at a reasonable price and are all encompassing, with a high quality service as well as benefits and perks. AOL are known for their high level of experience and expertise, as the company has been providing satisfied customers with broadband internet for the past ten years.