Broadband Connection

For enjoying the broadband service in your home or office, you will need a personal computer or a laptop along with a wireless router in case you go for wireless broadband. However, if you wish to avail a mobile broadband service, you will require mobile phone.

The type of broadband service you go for determines what the broadband related accessories you actually require. For instance ADSL Broadband users would require a router and a micro filter to get connected. If you are on a wireless broadband internet connection, you would require a wireless router and modem to provide you with the required broadband access.

Some of the trusted providers of ADSL Broadband include Plusnet, BT and even Sky and offer wireless routers to their customers. On the other hand Virgin Media is known to offer broadband through fiber optic and offers a choice of two wireless routers to its customers.

Beginning with a personal computer, you need to make sure you opt for a good processor which has a large RAM and an equally larger hard disk wherein you can store videos, download data and files as well. Make sure your computer contains a couple of USB slots for accommodating pen drives, hard disk, etc  and is compatible with broadband modem router which will be supplied by your broadband provider. Ideally, if you are planning to buy a new personal computer, you should go for configuration which suits your work and also the broadband connection you wish to enjoy.

The second thing you may require is the Modem router which is usually offered by your broadband providers as a starter kit. In case you are on the ADSL broadband connection you will be provided with the adapter for connecting your phone line and the modem with the micro filter. You could go for an Ethernet or a USB plug for connecting the modem to your PC. This proves ideal for connecting more computers to a single modem.

However, if you opt for a cable broadband you will require a networking cable and a network card.

For a wireless broadband connection, you need to check out the wireless routers which come with an Access Point and special accessories such as antennas. Make sure you can use them on your laptop as well for enjoy the same broadband service.

Micro-filters are required to split the phone line so that it can be used to serve dual purpose viz. receive and make phone calls while enjoy broadband service as well. They also aid in reducing line noises.

For protecting your computers from virus, spam and hacking, installing a firewall is absolutely essential. Make sure you install a quality software based firewall and ensure you computer is safe and secure from unwanted attacks.

It is vital you opt for a suitable broadband internet connection to enjoy browsing and other broadband related activities.

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