Broadband Modem

Broadband modem is utmost essential for receiving the Internet signals from other computers on the network. It is capable of conducting data transfer over a band of frequencies through both fiber optic network and a telephone line as well. The modem also performs the task of converting digital signals into frequencies on receiving them while when sending the data out, the digital signals are converted into frequencies.

Broadband modem is known for its asymmetrical data transfer implying downloading of data is faster as compared to uploading of data. The modem is known to work and transmit data irrespective of its location, placement and size.

Currently, most broadband providers offer broadband modem within the starter kit for a new broadband consumer else they can even opt for new hub or opt for one on rental. 

BT ADSL Home Hub 3

For the BT Broadband to function seamlessly, the BT Home Hub 3 is provided to customers. The BT ADSL Home Hub connects more than one device in your home with or without wires. The recently updated BT Home Hub 3 offers better connectivity along with built in security features and intelligent power management. The very much sleek in look and feel the BT Home Hub 3 is WPS enabled and contains the WPA2 as standard along with a Built-in firewall. The BT Home hub is not compatible with BT hub phones and does not support DECT. It is compatible only with BT Broadband service

Sky Wireless Router

This router is distributed to Sky Broadband customers when they first opt for the service. Currently, they are produced by Netgear and Sagem and designed to match the Sky +HD Box. Staying committed to BSkyB’s low carbon initiative, you will find them in smaller size as well as packing. The Sagem router is equipped with a built in inbound firewall settings and outbound/inbound VPN connections. In case customers wish for an outbound VPN connection. It is slated the D-Link router, DSL-2640S will be soon compatible for Sky Broadband.

Talk Talk Wireless Router

Talk Talk offers free wireless to its broadband customers. The router is capable of providing the latest ADSL2/2+. You can even go for an Ethernet port and WLAN port which enable you with connectivity for your PC, games console and so on. The router supports Windows XP, Vista and 7 and Mac Os X – up to 10.6

Virgin Media Routers

There are two routers offered by Virgin Media viz. Super Hub and Virgin Media Hub modem router. For an enhanced performance of your broadband connection, you could go for the Virgin Media Super Hub combined modem and router which uses the latest wireless N technology. The Super Hub is designed to be compatible at higher speeds which exceed 100 MB. Customers using the Virgin Media Super Hub can enjoy better coverage and range enabling them to work at a distance from the router. It is ideal for home and small business broadband requirements and can connect up to 4 wired and wireless connections while offering you with efficient power consumption

Virgin Media Hub modem router is equipped with latest wireless N technology and wireless encryption technology for extra security. You can use the Virgin Media Hub for and equally wide coverage and range across your home network.

O2 Wireless routers

The O2 home broadband offers wireless routers which enables you to move within your home and choose to access the internet from wherever you feel like. You can move from your study to your bedroom to your dining area ands still stay connected. The O2 wireless router is capable of offering seamless connectivity and can connect up to 10 computers. The router is also equipped with security features and built in firewalls which ensure the safe working of your computers. The O2 standard wireless router is offered on O2 Basics and Access packages while supporting supports 802.11b and 802.11g standards.

Also on the offer is the O2 Best Wireless Box which is offered to All Rounder and Works packages for it supports the wireless N technology. It is said to offer better and improved coverage as compared to wireless routers equipped with 802.11g standard

In most cases, you will be provided with the suitable wireless router by your broadband provider but still you need to make sure your broadband connection is working in the perfect order and you enjoy almost the promised broadband speed.

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