Broadband Speed Test

One thing you will very quickly notice about every broadband provider is that they all state what the fastest speed will be for their service. So if you see a service offering broadband up to 30Mb in speed, you know that 30Mb will be the fastest speed you will get. The actual speed could be below this, and it can depend on multiple factors.

It is therefore worth testing the broadband speed you have at the moment before you go ahead and sign up for a particular broadband package. This is because you may only be able to get a certain speed to the maximum.

The idea is that you will be able to test your current level of broadband, so you can see what speed you are capable of getting at the moment.

Let’s say for example that your broadband is running at a maximum speed of 15Mb. In this case there would be no point signing up for anything more than 15Mb, because you would be paying for a service that you would not be able to receive.

Broadband Speed Checker

Well it does depend on whether you want to improve the broadband connection you have now or not. If you get broadband from a different provider courtesy of your existing phone line for example, you will be limited to the maximum speed for your line.

But if you want to upgrade completely and go for fibre optic broadband for instance, you may be able to get a higher speed. The idea is that signing up for fibre optic broadband, from the likes of Virgin Media or Sky for example, means they will come out and connect you to their service. But for this to happen you need to live in an area where the fibre optic network has already been laid down for that provider.

So all in all a speed test is the best way to begin?

Definitely – you can do it very quickly and you can do it for free online as well. This website can help you find out exactly how fast your current internet connection is.

Once you know what you can get over your existing connection it will help you choose your next broadband provider more easily and quickly as well. The more you know and understand about the speed of broadband and how it works, the more you will be satisfied with your new broadband service.

Remember too that speeds can vary during different parts of the day and night. It can depend on how many people are online for example at any one time. If lots of people go online when they get home from work, you will find the connection can get a little slower than it would be normally.

All this knowledge will certainly help you get a better broadband speed in the future.