BT Broadband Accelerator

BT Broadband Accelerator is a device which can be fitted into the main telephone socket to reduce the interference from the home telephone extension wiring. This device can be self installed and does not require any help. BT Broadband Accelerator is also known by the BT I-Plate.

BT Broadband customers have to bear the postage charges to avail the accelerator which is suitable if they have extension wiring and a compatible main telephone. Non BT Broadband customers can avail the same from the BT shop

Why go for a Broadband accelerator or I-Plate ?

In case you face issues with the speed of your broadband service, you could check out for the electrical interference from television sets, lights and other electrical equipments which could be the cause of the same. By installing an I-Plate, you could filter out the unwanted interference and try to enhance the speed of your broadband

It is advisable to go for a BT I-Plate only if you have more than one working phone socket installed in your home for the extension wiring which connects these lines picks up the electrical interference. In case you have a master socket installed from wherein the external cable enters the interiors of the home.

Installation of a BT Broadband Accelerator is extremely easy and simple. Firstly, you need to remove the screws in the face of the plate of the socket and remove the face plate. Then slip the wires from the socket through the slot in the BT Accelerator and click it into the place. For fixing the face plate, you will need to use the new longer screws which are provided with the BT Accelerator.

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