BT Broadband and Unlimited Weekend Calls

BT Broadband packages allow you to stay connected over broadband as well as phone lines. You can go for the BT Broadband and Unlimited Weekend Calls and enjoy these services at economical subscription rates.

BT customers can avail both these services in a single bundle and enjoy staying touch with your friends, colleagues and family spread all over the world. BT offers BT Total Broadband Option 1 and Unlimited Weekend Calls.

BT Total Broadband Option 1

The most basic package offered by BT to its customers enabling them to enjoy the Internet at speeds up to 16 MB and use up to 10 GB of data on a monthly basis. BT provides them with the New BT Home Hub (worth £91.90) at no extra cost along with free wi-fi access and basic online security as well.

The BT Home Hub is a state of art wireless router which offers connectivity with many devices in your home. It is equipped with a built in security and intelligent power management which makes it truly smart and efficient in performance.

BT Total Broadband Option 1 is equipped with email antivirus, spam filters and span controls and thus provides the much required security support to the connection and makes it safe and secure.

BT Unlimited Weekend Calls

Avail this plan to keep talking all throughout the weekend on UK landlines without worrying about your landline bills. You can even add a couple of add-ons to enjoy enhanced services as well.

The Unlimited Weekend plans include calls made to UK landline numbers which begin with 01, 02 or 03. You can make calls from Friday midnight till Sunday midnight while the unlimited period lasts for an hour. The facility is also extended to 0845 & 0870 calls at weekends. Evening calls can be made from Monday to Friday (7pm to 7am) and they are charged at 1p/min. Calls made during daytime are charged at 7p/min.

BT phone customers can enjoy add-on call services which include

BT Privacy Call Feature – This service displays the number of the caller before you attend the call. You can even stop unwanted sales calls through this feature.

BT Answer 1571 Call Feature – Customize the voicemail service with a personal missage and listen to the messages left on your phone.

BT 1471 Calling Feature – Use this to know who called you last and receive the number details.

Help and support – BT offers 24/7 help and support issues relating to your home phone lines

BT Broadband and Unlimited Weekend Calls is surely designed to make you stay in touch through the Internet as well as the UK landlines which prove to be cheaper, reliable and easy to use. With unlimited call feature you can make free calls and enjoy conversations for a longer time periods.

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