BT Broadband & Anytime Calls

BT Broadband and Anytime Calls is an ideal package for a person who needs a basic level broadband and an extensive call package for making calls at any time. BT Broadband & Anytime Calls are available on an 18 month contract.

BT Broadband

Broadband Speed – Up to 16MB download speed Usage Limit – 10GB You also get – Basic Security New BT Home Hub FREE Wi-Fi minutes

BT Phone

Offers – Inclusive UK Landline calls – Anytime Calls Calls made to 0845 and 0870 numbers Enjoy BT 1571 voicemail and 3 more call features at no extra cost. You can even add 5 more call features Opt for Add-ons to enjoy discounts on Mobile and International Calls Enjoy Free connection for new lines Special offer – FREE phone for new lines

BT Broadband – New BT Home Hub

With a recently launched new router the BT Home Hub is a sleek black router offering a smooth wireless broadband service. The new Home Hub from BT is capable of detecting interferences and choosing the strongest broadband signal available through its Smart Wireless technology. Equipped with an energy efficient module for it is capable of switching over to the ‘Low Power’ mode when not in use and opt for full power capacity when being used. With an easy to set up procedure in hand, you can even set up the home hub all by yourself.

BT Security Features

BT basic security includes email anti-virus and spam filter for your BT Yahoo! You receive an anti-spyware rotection and pop-up blocker each time you use the BT Yahoo! toolbar. In case you have children accessing the Internet, you can take advantage of the free Family Protection software which helps you to set up parental control and keep track of children’s usage of the internet along with their history. You can also opt for advanced security features offered through the BT NetProtect Plus service.

BT Broadband Features

BT Broadband offers a generous online space enabling you to store data online and even share it with your online contacts. You can use BT Yahoo! to stay connected through email and even personalize your homepage. With a 24/7 helpline and extensive online help available, you are likely to enjoy an uninterrupted BT Broadband service.

BT Broadband & Anytime Calls prove to be the right package for those customers who wish to stay connected through the UK landlines and that too at extremely low costs. At the same time, they can occasionally use the Internet for regularly checking their mails and browsing.

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