BT Broadband

One thing you will very quickly notice about every broadband provider is that they all state what the fastest speed will be for their service. So if you see a service offering broadband up to 100Mb in speed, you know that 100Mb will be the fastest speed you will get. The actual speed could be below this, and it can depend on multiple factors.

The good thing about BT Broadband is that it covers a wide range of deals. Whatever you are looking for from your broadband package you will find it here. You don’t just get a broadband deal, you get plenty more with it as well, including the chance to add in a phone line should you need one.

BT Broadband Deals

There are four main BT broadband deals & offers, all of which have phone calls included as well:

  • Broadband and calls
  • Broadband and anytime calls
  • More broadband and calls
  • Unlimited broadband and calls

You should take a closer look at the offers because the general calls package gives you free weekend calls. In contrast the anytime calls means you always get free calls included.

As far as the broadband is concerned, the first two deals give you a great 10Gb usage every month. More Broadband and Calls ups that to 40Gb, while the Unlimited Broadband and Calls deal puts no limit on the amount you can use your broadband. As you can see, there really is a great deal here for everyone

Do they offer good deals with lots of extras and perks thrown in?

Yes they certainly do, and this is one thing that will stick with you with regard to BT Broadband deals. It is worth checking out all the different packages to see what extras are added in, because it will help you to see whether any particular package offers the perks you want.

The biggest perk of all is the unlimited internet access that the Unlimited Broadband package gives you. This means you don’t have to worry about exceeding your monthly download limit, so it’s ideal for heavy users of the internet.

What about their latest offering, BT Infinity?

BT Infinity is the name given to BT’s latest offering. It is basically the name for their fibre optic broadband network, and it is the fastest service they can offer.

Some customers with BT are experiencing much faster broadband speeds since switching to BT Infinity. The BT Infinity choice gives you two options, appropriately named Option 1 and Option 2. The first one has a 40Gb a month usage limit, whereas the second one is unlimited. You can also add in a phone package if you wish to either of the packages, depending on what your own personal needs are.

Could BT Broadband be the service you are looking for?

It could well be, especially if you want the fastest broadband you can get hold of. It’s a good idea to check out all their services so you can see what will be best for you.