BT Business Broadband Network

For offices and businesses staying connected through broadband has become utmost essential. As a business broadband customer you can enjoy two levels of service guarantee which ensure a smooth and seamless broadband experience in all aspects of broadband. BT Business Broadband Network is capable of connecting 5-20 employees.

BT Business Broadband offers –

Speed up to 16 MB

250 Wi-Fi minutes every month

Enjoy web hosting, 10 email addresses, anti virus and firewall services too.

BT offers un-contended network bandwidth which means your broadband connection will not be shared by other business broadband customers ensuring you enjoy a dedicated bandwidth and uninterrupted broadband service. This service is backed up a Service level agreement and 24/7 support.

BT Broadband offers Internet access, email and hosting to its customers all the time and at any time. With skilled engineers always on standby and automated services always on standby, almost any internet related issue can be tackled on an immediate basis.

Also, on the offer are two service levels which are offered on time bound guarantee viz. Standard service assures of a guaranteed repair within 24 hours of fault reporting while the Premium service offer a guarantee of repair within 8 hours of an issue. The issues covered range from Internet connectivity, email issues within the BT Business Connect mail platform, website issues wherein the third parties cannot access your website which is hosted through BT Business Broadband.

In case of fault in repairing service, you can claim a service credit within 90 days of the end of the month during which you have reported the fault. The investigating team will then check out the issue within 7 working days. A credit of £25 will be given if a fault is not repaired within the guaranteed repair time, including weekends and bank holidays. This will be credited against the advanced rental due on the broadband line on which the fault has been experienced.

Advantages of BT Business Broadband

  1. Enjoy a download speed of up to Up to 16MB and 1mb upload speed along with unlimited monthly usage allowance under the fair usage policy. The speeds you enjoy depend upon the distance you are locating from the local telephone exchange
  2. BT Business Customers receive a BT Business Hub which is a combination of a modem, router, hub and wireless access point with a built-in firewall.
  3. The Broadband connection will be activated on the date you confirm your order and even get an engineer install the same for you at an additional charge as well.
  4. A static IP address will be provided to you at no extra cost. In case you wish to have more addresses, you can always go at an additional cost. You can even run a local web server or a local e-mail server for receiving and sending emails. These IP addresses can be used to run Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and authentication for secure access to protected web sites. You can even avail the services of remote desktop software to access you PC from anywhere. The selection of IP package can be done whenever you order for your broadband.
  5. Enjoy 250 BT Openzone minutes every month which are included in your contract and stay online even when you are out from your office.
  6. BT Business Broadband provides 10 email accounts and 50MB of web space with EasySiteWizard which helps you to make and upload your business website most easily. The email accounts are equipped with anti-virus and anti-spam filters.
  7. Providing enhanced customer support through 0800 or 0844 numbers does give you the winning edge over your competitors. Your customers can call you for free while you pay less than 5 pence per minute for the same call. Avail this service along with BT Broadband to enjoy 12 months worth of number rental.

Customers can opt for either standard service or premium service on 1 year or 2 year contracts.

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