BT Business Broadband

Many businesses rely on the internet to win customers and reach new audiences. If you have a business that has an internet presence, you must have a good quality and reliable business broadband service to help you. BT Business Broadband has some great deals that will prove interesting for you.

BT Business Broadband Packages

There are three main types of package you can get. The first two can also be upgraded should you need to do so.

Office broadband – this is the most basic of the packages on offer, with a 10Gb monthly usage plan. It is a cost effective simple choice for small businesses that may only use the internet occasionally. You can upgrade to Office Unlimited for a small additional monthly fee to get unlimited usage. The maximum speed is 16MB.

Advance broadband – this upgrades you to 50Gb of usage each month. A router is included for free. An upgrade is available here as well – Advance Support – giving you unlimited usage and also extra Wi-Fi minutes to use. You also get the maximum 16MB speed.

Broadband with phone line – as the name would suggest this gives you a business phone line as well as the broadband service. There are lots of options here and you can have the Office broadband with phone line or the Advance BT broadband with phone line if you wish. It all depends on how much you will use the internet.

BT Business Broadband Benefits

It’s good to know there are plenty of upgrade options to choose from. This means you are not tied to just two or three choices; you can go through and select the exact package that will be good for you. There are plenty of perks if you upgrade, such as free extra minutes, more free Wi-Fi minutes and free technical support too.

Which kind of broadband user will be best suited to getting their broadband from BT Business broadband?

Most businesses will need fairly regular access to the internet. The basic package might be good if you are just starting out but the more advanced package with the phone line included seems to be the most popular. Lots of business users will be able to get what they need from BT Business Broadband.

Best bit of the service?

The amount of choice you have has to be the highlight. Each package also offers lots of individual benefits and perks, which makes it a good idea to look through everything to find out which package would fit your needs the best.

Consider BT Business Broadband today

As you can see it is the comprehensive nature of the business services offered by BT Business Broadband that make it well worth looking into. If you are looking to get online and get a cost effective service that doesn’t skimp on the details, BT Business Broadband could be the best company to go with.

You can potentially save money on installation, buying a router, getting phone calls and getting online in the first place. Just choose from one of the packages they have available.