BT Business Mobile Broadband

For businesses who need mobile broadband access all the time and anytime can opt for BT Business Mobile Broadband which offers Internet through Wi-Fi, HSDPA, high-speed 3G and GPRS networks. BT ensures its customers enjoy unlimited access to the available networks.

BT Business Mobile Broadband unlimited – One simple tariff
• Unlimited Wi-Fi usage and enjoy large downloads
• Available on 3 varying terms viz. 12,18 and 24 month
• Avail the USB modem at no extra cost by opting for the 24 month contract.
• The price of the USB modem for 12 month is £120 while if taken on a 18 month contract, you will have to be £60.

Advantages of using BT Mobile Broadband

You can enjoy remote access of broadband in case you are on the move and unable to connect to a fixed broadband service. The mobile broadband service is extremely easy to enabling you to stay in touch through emails and social network All you require is to use a USB modem provided by BT and plug it into your laptop and you are connected at that very instant.

BT offers its mobile broadband users an unlimited mobile broadband on a 24 month contract which includes a USB modem. BT does not charge you for the modem. This proves really convenient for people for they can keep working even when they are on the move, attend to issues and solve queries at a much quicker pace.

With respect to coverage, BT Mobile Broadband is supposed to be the most extensively covered network in entire area if UK. If you are present within the HSDPA range, you can download data at a speed of up to 7.2Mbps2 which is pretty impressive. The other well covered networks include 3G and GPRS networks. Aiding the customers in accessing the mobile broadband service, is the BT Access Manager. The BT Access Manager software has to be installed and when you begin using the broadband services, you can easily configure the available network.

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