This season, BT offers get even more exciting for you can now enjoy 4 months BT Broadband services free along with free connection. Well, there are more free services and other freebies on the offer which make you satisfied at having joined BT for your Internet requirements. Make sure you check out the offer online and join online before the offer ends.

Avail Bt/com/buyonline Offer – Broadband and Evening & Weekend Calls at ₤13 to get –

  • Free service for 4 months
  • Free BT Home Hub
  • Free Unlimited Wi-Fi Minutes
  • Free connection
  • Download Speed – 16 MB
  • Usage allowance – 10 GB

Basic Security
Free Evening and Weekend Calls

Contract Period – 18 months
Line Rental – ₤10 onwards per month

Option Available – Add BT Vision Digital TV at ₤5 a month additionally
Includes – Digital TV, Set top box, on demand TV content, film and more

Bt/com/buyonline OfferBroadband and Evening & Weekend Calls at ₤13 with 4 months free service gives you a lot more than you would have imagined provided you join this offer online –

Free broadband service for 4 months – This bt/com offers you 4 months of free service when you join this offer on an 18 month contract along with a free BT Home Hub and free connection done for you. This does mean a lot of savings all throughout the contract period.

Free BT Home Hub – The latest BT Home Hub is energy efficient and even more powerful for it offers better connectivity and power saving all the while. It reduces signal interference and offers best possible wireless signal available.

FREE, unlimited Wi-Fi minutes – Enjoy broadband access at 2.8 million free Wi-Fi hotspots spread all over the UK using your laptop, netbook or iTouch and more. You could even access it through additional 400,000 spots worldwide by visiting select cafes, airports, hotels.

Free connection – In case you require a BT phone line which costs ₤130, you wont be charged for it at all.

Download SpeedBT broadband offers a download speed of up to 16 MB which is considered quite commendable at just ₤13 a month and allows you to download your data quite fast. Also bear in mind, the speed you actually enjoy depends upon distance of your location from the telephone exchange.

10 GB Usage Limit – This means you download 10,200 photos or 2500 music files or 15 movies each month. This usage limit does suffice a regular broadband user who indulges in sizable download activities as well.

Online Security – Basic Security offered by BT includes Email anti-virus and spam filter for your mails. You will also get Anti-spyware protection, pop-up blocker and free Family Protection software which offers you parental controls if you so require. With an option to upgrade BT NetProtect Plus, you can get the first 3 months free

Free Evening and Weekend Calls – BT being synonymous with phone services, your calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers are included along with those made to UK landlines. You can also add up to 3 call features such as BT 1571 voicemail and more. At the same time, you get discounted rates on mobile and international calls if you opt for BT Add-on services. Those opting for new lines can enjoy free connections as well.

As an option, you could sign up for BT Digital TV services at affordable prices. BT Digital services offer you the BT Vision + Box along with a wide variety of on demand TV programmes and digital TV channels to view.

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