O2 Broadband

Now you can rely on O2 for far more than just your mobile phone. They have three types of packages available for your home broadband service, and you can add the home telephone service to these as well if you wish. No matter how much you demand out of your phone and broadband package, O2 should be able to help you out.

O2 Broadband Deals

O2 Home Broadband with Home Phone There are three types of package here – the Basics, the All Rounder and the Works. The Basics gives you a 20Gb monthly download limit and speeds of up to 20meg as well. All packages give you this speed as a maximum, while the other two packages have unlimited downloads provided you don’t exceed the fair usage policy. The Basic deal gives you the basic wireless box whereas the other two deals have the more advanced one. In all cases you only pay for whatever calls you decide to make, so you aren’t going to shell out money on anything you don’t need or use. Every package includes proper technical support added in for free as well.

Home Broadband Only – Not everyone needs a home phone line with their broadband package. O2 has therefore come up with some good broadband only deals as well. As with the home broadband and home phone package there are three options, called the Basics, the All Rounder and the Works. You’ll get McAfee software to protect your computer when you go online as well. If you get the All Rounder or the Works packages this will be good for three or five computers respectively. The Basics package covers just one computer. You can download 20Gb maximum on the Basics package each month, whereas the other two packages are unlimited. If you should ever need technical support, it doesn’t matter which package you have, you’ll get it included free of charge.

Why O2 Broadband?

The best bit about O2 broadband provider is that there are more options available than simply deciding whether you want to get broadband only or add your home phone service to it. You can also decide how much you want to have with regard to the size of your service, so it’s a good deal and it means you can get the best possible price as well.

Their website makes it easy to compare the broadband deals and the broadband with home phone deals all on the one page. This could help you choose the service you want. The pricing is clear and easy to understand as well, which makes the whole process even easier to decide on. In short, O2 has some great offers that most people will benefit from.