Plusnet Broadband

Plusnet has a large customer base across the UK, and with good reason. Plusnet offers a high standard of service, with a range of packages at reasonable rates for all kinds of households. Plusnet has built its reputation on satisfied customers and a problem free service, making it a safe choice if you are looking to sign up to a new broadband provider.

Plusnet always offers twelve-month contracts, which encompasses a free wireless router worth £40. This means you can rest assured that you are paying the same great rate for broadband internet throughout the year.

Plusnet Broadband Deals

Plusnet Value Broadband – Plusnet Value Broadband is their award winning broadband service, which has many satisfied customers across the country. This deal is designed to be a great value deal, so that customers can save money while still taking a speedy and reliable broadband service. This Plusnet Value Broadband has been acclaimed as having the best price for a broadband deal when taken alone, rather than as part of a bundle. Luckily, Plusnet Value Broadband can be reached by about 80% of homes in the UK. You can find out if your home can be reached by going online and checking your postcode in the website’s search. These 80% of home owners can expect to get a great value on their internet service. Plusnet Value Broadband boasts top quality customer service, having won awards for this at the ISPA 2010 awards. This means that if any problem should arise with your Plusnet Value Broadband, Plusnet will be all hands on deck to help you solve this as soon as possible. Plusnet Value Broadband comes with speeds up to 16Mb depending on your area, as well as a generous 10GB usage allowance.

Plusnet Extra – Plusnet Extra is for those who use the internet more heavily than those who take services such as Plusnet Value Broadband. This broadband service gives customers a large usage allowance and quick download speeds. This type of package is perfect for the larger household, such as those with large families and many children. The Plusnet Extra package is also ideal for those who work from home, as it gives a lot of freedom with downloads and will never keep you waiting for a page to load.

Plusnet Broadband Deals

Plusnet broadband deals have many advantages for those customers who choose to take the service. It can save customers money as well as give them a great service. Plusnet provides its customers with 16Mb speeds, and large usage allowances. With the Plusnet Extra package, the download allowance is very large, with 60GB available a month.

Plusnet Broadband Packages will always give you a free wireless router, in an effort to save you money. This can save you £40 from the beginning, on top of all the savings you can make from Plusnet’s competitive broadband pricing. With Plusnet you can also get McAfee security which will keep your computer and family safe from viruses and spyware.