PostOffice Broadband

Most people think of the Post Office as somewhere to go to get their stamps. But they have moved into many other markets as well, and one of them is offering broadband services. If you don’t know what kind of deals and packages the Post Office offers, now is the time to make sure you find out.

Post Office Broadband Deals

Broadband Standard Only – If you just need a basic broadband service without a home phone service added on, this could be the best choice for you. It provides a reliable service with a 5Gb limit to your downloads each month. In addition you’ll enjoy a good price and a free modem. You’ll also get protection for your computer thrown in as part of the deal. This deal – and all the other broadband options as well – offers you a free website and five email addresses to use if you want to.

Broadband Extra Only – As the name suggests, this extra package offers a little bit more than the basic one. You get an upgraded security suite to keep your computer safe, and you can also benefit from unlimited monthly downloads. This is better for people who regularly use the internet and need to have unlimited access to it. The download speeds are the same as they are for all the other broadband options you will see – up to 8Mbps. Most people will find this adequate for their needs.

Home Phone With Broadband Standard – This gives you the standard broadband service as described above. But you also get a home phone line with it. Benefits include free connection and you will also be able to make as many calls as you like on the evenings and the weekends without being charged for them. If you know anyone else with the Post Office home phone network you’ll get calls to them free of charge as well.

Home Phone With Broadband Extra – This provides you with the broadband extra service plus the Post Office home phone service. You will save money by getting the two services together and you can also enjoy a free router (a wireless one) when you sign up. Unlike some other packages you won’t get a minimum contract term for the home phone – it only applies to the broadband part of the package.

Why choose Post Office Broadband?

Compare broadband deals from 3 Mobile Broadband. The one thing that is perfectly clear about Post Office broadband services is the options you have available. There is no need to have the home phone service if you don’t want it, although you will get the best possible deal if you do decide to have it.

The basic broadband service is identical in many ways across the different products as well, so you won’t miss out on a lot of perks if you decide to get the Post Office Broadband standard service instead of the extra one. However you should consider whether you need the unlimited downloading capabilities that Post Office broadband extra gives you, as this is the main perk you will get.