Sky Broadband Everyday Lite With Sky +

Sky TV customers can take advantage of Sky broadband services and ensure they stay online and entertained as well. In an initiative to encourage customers to avail broadband service, Sky TV customers opting for Sky Plus Box can enjoy Sky Broadband Everyday Lite at no extra cost.

Sky Broadband Everyday Lite with Sky Plus

Offer – Join online & receive a £50 M&S; voucher Opt for an online Sky TV offer to avail the FREE Sky Plus Box worth £49 FREE Standard set up worth £30 One-off costs – £79 Monthly costs – £19.50 p.m. for 1 entertainment Pack £24.50 p.m for 6 entertainment pack. (Choose from any one or more entertainment packs) Features – Enjoy Sky Broadband Everyday Lite at £0 a month Enjoy Sky Talk Freetime at £0 a month Add-on benefit – Enjoy Sky Anytime + TV on demand

Sky Broadband Everyday Lite

Monthly cost – £0 if taken with Sky TV and Sky Talk £5 if taken with Sky TV Monthly usage caps – 2GB Features –

  • Download Speed – up to 20 Mb
  • Upload Speed – up to 1.3Mb
  • Security – 3 months McAfee Security Free

Sky Wireless Router – worth £50 Sky offers 24/7 technical support

Sky Broadband – The Sky TV subscription is valid for 12 months through which you can enjoy zero cost broadband and phone services. The speed and the broadband service you are likely to enjoy depend upon the distance of your location from the telephone exchange, line quality, contention ratio and host of other factors. You receive a Sky router worth £50 for free and also enjoy 24/7 technical support.

Sky Anytime + Service is offered at no extra cost to the customers. They can view programmes depending upon the TV pack subscribed for. In order to enjoy Sky Movies or Sky Sports through the Sky Anytime service, you are required to opt for Sky Movies 1&2 or Sky Sports 1&2 packs. Accessing TV content through Sky Anytime does include within the broadband usage and a Sky TV customer can access 180 minutes worth of shows per month through the Sky Broadband Everyday Lite service.

Advantages of Sky Broadband

  1. You get 10 email addresses which help you stay in touch with your friends and families and get to use almost 10GB storage space.
  2. You can store your files and important data online and even share it with your friends and
  3. Access the Sky Chat application and send messages to your contact when they are online. You can even store the chat messages is you so wish.
  4. Avail the services of Sky Player in order to watch and download Sky TV content on to your PC or MAC
  5. You can import your contacts and mails using the Mail Switcher service and have all mails at a single point of access
  6. The Sky calendar service is to remind on you your upcoming appointments and schedules through email and SMS

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