TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk has an easy to understand website with simple to use facilities. It keeps this same kind of process in mind when it comes to offering some great broadband offers too. It also gives you just two plain and simple broadband packages to choose from – and they will include your home phone as well.

TalkTalk Broadband Deals

Essentials package – this package lives up to its name by making sure you have just the Talk Talk essentials you need. The broadband part of the deal is cost effective in more ways than one, because you get a router included for free. You also get a chunky download limit each month, totalling 40Gb in all. The speed can be quite good as well, but the website has a speed checker you can use if you don’t mind getting a call from them. You can make as many calls as you like in the evenings and at the weekends as part of the broadband deal, and other people you know who are on Talk Talk can be called for free too. It won’t cost you anything to connect and you can enjoy a low monthly charge for the service, in addition to the line rental.

Plus package – this is the more advanced package if you feel you need or want something a bit more involved than the Essentials package. The main difference as far as the phone part of the service is concerned is that you can have anytime calls instead of off peak ones. This gives you a bigger saving if you use the phone a lot. But again you still get free connection to TalkTalk and you only pay the monthly package fee in addition to the line rental. You will get a more advanced router when compared to the standard one given with the Essentials package as well. The other main difference when compared to the Essentials package is that the Plus package does not have a limit on downloads. This will be good if the limit on the other package doesn’t quite meet your needs.

Why choose Talk Talk Broadband?

As you can see, TalkTalk offers you a basic two packages that should between them cover everything you want from your broadband and phone service. You can choose either one, and if you start with the basic one you can always upgrade later on.

Remember that the Essentials package is best if you want a low cost deal that meets your average needs, while the Plus package is great value for an unlimited package. Once you know what you need from your broadband and phone you can enjoy all the benefits offered by Talk Talk every single month.