Talktalk Half Price

TalkTalk offers a great bundle of broadband and phone services on a 12 month contract. Make sure you take advantage of TalkTalk half price 12 month offer and choose the most suitable TalkTalk broadband offer.

There are two levels of TalkTalk broadband offer viz. TalkTalk Essential and TalkTalk Plus, any of one can be taken as per your suitability before 07/06/2011 and make the most of the TalkTalk half price deal. These deals have to be availed on a 12 month contract and you join online.

Talktalk Half Price Deals

Freebies offered by TalkTalk to its broadband customers

  • Free Connection worth £30.00 to those joining online
  • Free Third Generation Wireless router
  • Free Customer service

The TalkTalk Essentials Deal for

  • Unlimited Evening and Weekend UK landline calls
  • 40 GB downloads
  • Single billing for phone and broadband

The TalkTalk Plus Deal is available for

  • Anytime UK landline calls
  • Unlimited usage
  • Single billing for phone and broadband

For those who wish to opt for a limited range of phone service, the TalkTalk Essentials half price can make unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines, 0845 and 0870 numbers and calls made to other TalkTalk subscribers are included. At the same time, they enjoy a 10% discount on calls made to their preferred top 16 mobile and international numbers apart from making low cost calls to UK mobiles at a flat rate of 7.15p a minute. Coupled with this, they get a limit on GB usage which is up to 40 GB enabling customers to download55 films, 900 albums or every single episode of Lost twice, each month.

The top of the line package offered by TalkTalk is its Plus package which has monthly subscription rate of £7.25 on 12 month contract. Through this offer, you can make unlimited calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers while calls made to other TalkTalk subscribers are included. They can call UK mobiles at flat rate of 7.15p/min anytime and even enjoy a 10% discount on calls made to select 16 mobile and international numbers.

A few additional points to be borne in mind when availing TalkTalk deals

  • Monthly line rental charges of £12.60
  • TalkTalk Half price deals are valid on online joining before 07/06/2011
  • Payment by monthly direct debit facility
  • Boosts have to be taken for a minimum period of 30 days.

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