Tesco Broadband

Everyone is familiar with the Tesco name, and nowadays it is becoming more familiar as a top supplier of broadband services as well. If you are in need of broadband take a look at the various packages they have available for your consideration. You may get your home phone service from them as well.

Tesco Broadband Deals

Tesco Broadband with Evening and Weekend Calls This is a popular package among those people who are generally out during the day. It is a good package too, as you get a Tesco Gift Card to the value of £30 when you order. A router is included, as are your landline phone calls during the evenings and at the weekend. You also get a range of inclusive extras for your calls, including last caller ID. The speed for your broadband will be up to 20Mb, depending on where you live. You can also get Clubcard points so if you aren’t already a member of the Tesco Clubcard scheme now is the time to join. The other big advantage is that there is no limit on the amount of downloading you can do each month.

Tesco Broadband with Anytime Calls If you don’t feel that evening and weekend calls would be the best deal for you, go for this alternative Tesco broadband package instead. You get all the same broadband benefits that come with the package described above, so you’ll see the advantage of upgrading the package and paying slightly more for broadband deals with anytime calls. The main bonus here is of course that you can get free calls right around the clock. Be sure to read the terms and conditions for the inclusive calls to see exactly what is and isn’t included. As with the above package you won’t be limited to your monthly downloads either..

Why choose Tesco Broadband?

Tesco has a big name as one of the UK’s leading companies. It is actually a benefit that there are only two main deals here with their broadband and telephone packages, because it keeps things nice and simple. If you are already a Tesco shopper you will enjoy the additional Clubcard points you can earn on your regular Tesco Broadband package. This is true since you can triple up your points if you convert them into deals vouchers.

You also have the advantage of keeping your line rental in with Tesco as well. The idea is that when you swap to Tesco broadband you will get their line rental, which means everything is kept in one bill. In addition you will find you save money by swapping to their line rental instead of getting it from BT. It’s definitely a good deal, no matter what package you go for.