Up to 20Mbps Broadband Services

Bearing in mind the requirement of faster broadband services, most broadband providers have invested in improved broadband technology and are now offering Up to 20Mbps Broadband Services. Up to 20Mbps Broadband Services do imply that you can enjoy your Internet related activities in a better and a faster way. Be your connection a home broadband one or a business broadband one, faster broadband services up to 20 Mbps does make a lot of difference.

In UK, you can get Up to 20Mbps Broadband Services provided by BT, Sky, Plusnet and Zen Broadband. Do make sure you check each of their broadband services in greater detail and opt for the most suitable 20Mb Broadband deal for yourself.

BT Broadband up to 20 mbps – This service is offered to BT Business customers who wish to enjoy a faster broadband connection from BT. BT offers three levels of packages which offer up to 20 MB speed viz. BT Office Broadband, BT Advance Broadband and BT Phone line & Broadband. The basic deal is the BT Office Broadband which is offered on a 24 month contract and enjoys 10GB usage allowance. You can pay by Direct Debit and opt for a wireless router if you wish to. On the other hand, the BT Advance Broadband offers 50 GB usage allowance along with a wireless router. The customers enjoy free phone support 24/7 and have to pay by direct debit or invoice. If the customers wish to avail a package deal of phone services as well broadband services, can check out BT Broadband with Phone Line which offers them 500 free UK landline minutes per month and capped call prices while the customers can opt for unlimited calls too.

Sky Broadband – Sky Broadband offers 20 MB broadband speed in its home broadband deals. Sky offer two levels of broadband deals viz. Sky Broadband Everyday Lite and Sky Broadband Unlimited. Sky Broadband Everyday Lite is ideal for regular browsing and emailing and even for some online shopping. The Sky Broadband Everyday Lite 2GB monthly usage allowance at up to 20 MB downloads speeds. Your connection enjoys a free trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite and a free Sky wireless router.

However, if there are multiple users at home who indulge in online gaming and downloading, then the Sky Broadband Unlimited is the right broadband deal for you get unlimited monthly usage, 24/7 technical support and free 12 month trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite.

Plusnet Broadband – The Plusnet Value Broadband offers up to 20 Mb broadband speed along with 10GB usage allowance. The customers also receive a free wireless router while they enjoy a no contract option. For customer support, Plusnet Broadband customers can call up their Yorkshire based call center. For protection purposes, McAfee security is available. The best part of the deal is that unlimited overnight usage does not count within your usage allowance. Plusnet Value Broadband is offered on a 12 month contract basis while recommendations attract monthly discounts.

Zen Broadband – As an upgrade to their existing services, Zen Broadband offers download broadband services up to 20 Mbps while their upload services are up to 1 Mbps. Zen offers customers broadband services through BT 21st Century Network (21CN) which extends its services to up to 55% of UK residences and business houses. The exact speed, Zen Broadband customers are likely to enjoy depends upon their location from the BT exchange, the extent and state of wiring of your local BT exchange and on your premises as well and also the contention ratio.

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