Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media is a household name, with everyone familiar with the huge brand. Virgin Media provides a broadband service which is second to none, and unlike many of the others for using fibre optics in its network. Virgin broadband is the fastest in the UK for using these fibre optics, instead of telephone wires like other companies. This means they can offer customers speeds of up to 100Mb. Fibre optic broadband connections means that the broadband is quick even if everyone in the household is using it. There will never be interruptions in the service when streaming media, and downloads are incredibly quick with Virgin Broadband.

Virgin Broadband Packages

Up to 10Mb Broadband – With Virgin’s 10Mb broadband, customers will have access to broadband speeds which are consistently fast. The average customer gets speeds of at least 9.66Mb, a testament to the company’s great quality service and reliability. The service also comes with unlimited downloads, meaning you can download as much material from the internet as you like, as long as you adhere to a fair use policy. Virgin also provides free internet security with its 10Mb broadband package, meaning the computers in your home will be safe from viruses and spyware, so you can surf the internet without worrying. The package also provides a Virgin Media Hub for free, so that you can have the most high tech wireless modem router that Virgin can provide.

Up to 30Mb Broadband – Customers in slightly larger households can take Virgin’s 30Mb broadband, also known as Broadband XL. This service is faster than the 10Mb broadband, but also comes with unlimited downloads and free security, so you can browse the internet worry free. There is no need for a BT line into your house with Virgin media broadband, so to set the system up there is no need to worry about establishing one of these. With this broadband package, you can also avail of landline services. There are free and unlimited weekend calls to other UK landlines with the Broadband deals XL, meaning you can save money on your phone bills as well as having a super fast internet connection. Virgin offers deals on their packages, such as £10 off for three months, and free installation, so it can be a great way to save money to sign up with Virgin Media.

Virgin Broadband Deals

Virgin Broadband offers a host of advantages to those who take it. The service has been voted the fastest broadband in the UK and recently won a host of awards. The provider has been recently voted as the fastest home broadband based on millions of speeds tests. This goes to show that Virgin Media can back up its great packages with proof that it is indeed the best broadband available

Virgin Broadband is also future proof in being fibre optic. This means you won’t constantly need to update your broadband, or worry about it not being at the head of the market, as fibre optic technology is so cutting edge.