Zen Broadband

Zen is a reputable broadband company more tailored towards the working world. The company has broadband packages for business, large enterprises and the home or home office. The company aims to provide the highest quality of service, in order to keep your business running smoothly, and equip your business with email, domain names, and network security.

Zen Broadband Deals

Business Broadband – Zen’s business broadband is there to support your business and keep it completely connected at all times. The service is high quality yet affordable, so you can keep your resources for your business. Zen broadband offers download speeds of up to 20Mps, depending on your area. With this kind of quality and speed, your business is in safe hands. Zen Business broadband also comes with a fast upload speed of 1Mbps so that you can quickly upstream material to the internet. The broadband comes with varying levels of download usage, depending on whether you avail of Zen Pro, Zen Active, or Zen Lite.

Home and Home Office Broadband – Zen Home and Home Broadband keeps you in touch with the world, by providing fast download speeds, affordable packages, and a great deal of elbow room with large download usages. The broadband package comes with free activation if you have switched to the company from another provider, as well as anti virus protection and even web space, should you wish to make your own page. Zen home and home office broadband also offers a Zen Webmail service which you can email from, and which can be accessed all around the world, so you are never out of touch.

Fibre Broadband – Zen Fibre Broadband gives customers a first rate internet experience, with its various levels; Fibre Active, Fibre Pro, Fibre Office and Fibre Office Plus. With these services, your office will have incredibly fast download speeds, as well as instant access to important applications needed for your business. This will mean you can keep in touch easier, and satisfy your customers as soon as possible. With pages loading in seconds, you and your co workers will not need to be waiting around. Sharing files is easy with the Fibre Broadband, as well as even having your meetings on-line thanks to the possibility for video conferencing.

Zen Broadband offers

Compare broadband deals from Zen Broadband. Zen broadband is a wise choice for businesses and home owners these days. The company offers great rates for a comprehensive broadband service. The company is great for those who need a specific and tailored internet package, as it has so many options. With varying price and download speed levels, you can take a package which suits your budget and office needs perfectly.

Zen broadband is not one of the most famous names on the broadband market, but it certainly has a watertight reputation. The company offers so many benefits, such as email services, security, and huge download allowances with its broadband products, that customers are always satisfied. The company truly understands the needs of its customers by being so flexible in all its many types of packages.